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"The JSB": Press

Holy Crap...Where have these guys been?
Reviewer: "Lancaster Lowdown"
In short, this CD from the NC based band "kicks". From the first song, "Two 4 One" which tears your head clean from your shoulders with the first two chords, to the "girly" ballad "Take My Hand", this band takes you from high to low with the same powerful force that only the GREAT bands from musics past has been able to pull off. Lead vocals are smooth with an attitude that hasn't been heard since the bands of the late seventies...I am based just a few miles from NC and I am wondering where this band came from...This band is something new, yet reminiscent of bands gone by...Buy this CD...You won't be dissapointed. Southern Sick-O "Lancaster Lowdown"
Real Southern Rock!
Reviewer: Doug Morris, Indie Music Appreciation Group
This 10 track album is mostly what I would call Pure Country Rock. The beat really moves, there's lots of drums and guitars, with enough fiddle and steel guitar to add the country flavor, along with a small amount of southern accent showing in the vocals. The band also does slow numbers as evidenced here by the song "Take My Hand," but based on this CD, I would have to say their forte' is the fast dance, mild R&R format. They do a very good job and it must be quite a show to see them in person. I can easily imagine how they are becoming big hits in the lounge/roadhouse/dance bar scene. Great group to have on hand for a big party where you just want people to dance and have a good time. As for the songs, I liked "Two For One", "Bottle Your Love", "Up On The Mountain", "San Antone", "All About You", and "True Love (Ain't Hard To Find)" the best, in addition to the slower "Take My Hand." If you like good, mid to fast tempo rock music with a Southern twang to it, this is the album for you!!
Reviewer: RAY-RAY Richardson