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"The JSB": Guestbook

Nikki Brewer

March 4, 2009

i like the pics so yall have kool music

Don Collins

January 28, 2009

Hey Guys!! Keep on Rocking it out man. Love your stuff.
Your MCS friend Don Collins

Don Collins

January 20, 2009

I listened to your stuff and it sounds great. I also listened on mycountryspace. Good job dude.
Don Collins

Josh *Johnny Cash* Pendergraft

October 28, 2008

i need a list of tour dates and venues to pass around, also i need some cd's to sell if you're lookin for someone to pass some stuff around. Put me to work, and keep me informed.

Boo English

August 25, 2008

How the hell are you dude? You look good for an old guy. Do you still play the the drums? The last I heard of you was Mt. Hollywood years ago. As for me, I was a staff engineer at SoundChoice Studios for 13 years. I got a great trial by fire recording education there, but the entire production staff was laid off this past May. I'm still unemployed and looking for work. Woo Hoo. Are you still jamming? You can reach me at or at home at 704-849-8669. It's good to see your face again bro. I'd love to hear from you. I hope all is well.

God's Peace,

Brandon Sellers

October 15, 2007

JOHNNY... This is the awesome nephew that you have here in Knoxville.. I'm gonna come over there soon with the 6-string.. we should go to the studio and jam.. I'm serious.. Later!

Kayla Marie

June 13, 2007

hey u guys just thought that i would stop by and check out ur web site. cant wait till this Thursday's Bike night.


May 16, 2007

Once again, great show tonight! I love ya bunches and we'll see you on bike night!

Sharon Turpin

May 7, 2007

Yo Johnny wuz up? Can't wait to hear the new music...

Barb Cathey

May 5, 2007

Hey guys, Johnny great to see ya. The tunes are great!! Can't wait to hear more.


December 28, 2006

Caught the show at History's in Mooresville...You guys rock...I will order a CD as promised...(Tatooed dude)

andy young

November 21, 2006

yo biches what up. hope all is well in JSB world cant wait to start trackin some more great tunes..... give me a call and have a great thanksgiving andy


September 30, 2006

you are the best band ever !!!!!! my freinds

Bobby & Sharon McMurren

September 17, 2006

Hey Dave we see you are still jammin. We googled you and look where we found you. Contact us


September 14, 2006

Hey Johnny, I'm draggin' Jimmy out Friday night to the Rascal Flatts concert. We'll see ya at the VIP lounge!

Choppin' Block

July 18, 2006

Yo, the CD is off da hook...
NYC says HI, love the sound....

Theresia Hester (Access)

April 7, 2006

Can't wait to hear the 3 new tunes, I got a sneak preview from one special fan and look forward to a copy of my own. You rock, wish I could come down and see your show again :)


January 3, 2006

December 31, 2005
Johnny, me and Sharon came out to midtown sundries on the lake before xmas and you guys are really great the cd you gave me i listen to it all the time..keep on doing what you do best..lots of luck see ya next time..find jays table and we will be there..


December 26, 2005

Saw you guys at the "Blue County" show in Lake Norman. It was very good show! Sort of wondering why you guys don't have a record deal like the other boys. I bought the CD today online, so I can't wait to hear it.


December 18, 2005

hey your site is great. would love to hear some of your music and welcome to the Bc board!!!!!!!


September 17, 2005

Hey guys you should know who this is but I was wondering how I can find out if y'all will be in Hickory anytime soon? Thanks Karrie

Tiffany McGough

June 8, 2005

Never heard your music down in Texas but I would like to hear it.
Please send me a cd @ 6101 Texas Ave #193 Abilene, TX 79605. Also need more close ups of Jay please.

Miranda Atkins

May 27, 2005

Website Looks GREAT...Pictures worked perfect!! Keep it up!!!